RiverFest  Columbus, GA.  Tom with his orginal of the Riverfest poster.



Award winning self-taught artist Tom Blunt was born in 1948 in Richmond, VA.

He has worked in television, restaurants, and wholesale and retail sales.

He currently works reparing and restoring houses in his Church Hill neghborhood when he is not creating art.

He is not married, has no pets, does not live in the rural South, and has never seen a vision, but is always open to a new experience.

Known for his whimsical style and intense colors, his work is highly personal and nonconforming. "Attitude and imagination are everything and color rules", says Tom. If his work delights and puts a smile on your face, then Tom knows he’s been successful.

I art, ergo I am.

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Upcycled art that don't match the sofa
Inquires- email me at funkyfolkart@verizon.net

We meander to a different drummer.
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